Rent. Drive. Enjoy.

25 €/hour/car


Rent an i8

99 €/1 day/car


Scooter Prices 

Type Time Price
Scooter 1 hour €17
Scooter 2 hours €30
Scooter All day €50

BMW i3 Prices


Car Time Price
BMW i3 1 day €99
BMW i3 2 days €198
BMW i3 at least 4 days €86/day
BMW i3 at least 8 days €74/day

Twizy Tour Prices 


Car Tour lenght Price
Twizy 1 hour €25
Twizy 2 hours €46
Twizy 3 hours €63
Twizy All day €99

BMW i8 Prices


Car Time Price
BMW i8 1 to 3  days €1149/day
BMW i8 at least 4 days €1049/day
BMW i8 at least 8 days €949/day

Freedom and fun

Twizy provides you with the option to stop at any particular monument you want. You can take photos at your own pace, without being bothered by other tourists.

100% electric, ECO-friendly

With a 100% electric motor, the Twizy is completely silent, but it does not go unnoticed in the streets. 0% emissions, 100% fun.

Free parking all day

With a green license plate you can park without any costs all day in Budapest.

Our tours

Danube tour
Danube tour

More to come…


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