Moove – The spirit of travel!

Feel the freedom to experience the beauty of Budapest, in an Eco-friendly and Fun way! On board a Twizy, drive through the City of Eight Bridges and explore the story of the Monuments, Places and Viewpoints.

It is the best activity to explore Budapest, the Twizy is an electric car and despite being silent attracts the attention of all.

The Self-drive Tours, gives you complete freedom to stop at the picturesque locations of Budapest, go on a tour at your own pace!

100% fun, 0% emissions!

The Twizy has capacity for 2 people and is very easy to drive and park.

With automatic gearbox, provides maximum driving enjoyment. Have an autonomy for 80 km and the maximum speed is 80 km / h, reaching 50 km / h in 6.1 sec.
The Twizy is electric with no fuel costs.

Feel and fall in love with Budapest, live a unique experience in a relaxed and ecological environment, without any pollutant emission and no noise, this small, funny electric car is the best way to visit Budapest in a Sustainable and Eco-friendly way.

The new form of driving pleasure!

The BMW i3 is more than a car. It is proof that responsibility and driving pleasure complement one another to perfection. It’s time to lead by example. And experience a new form of driving pleasure.

The BMW i3 has capacity for 4 people and has a fully electric range of up to 160 kilometers – making it the perfect vehicle for day-to-day use.

After all, most people don’t drive more than 35 to 50 km per day, meaning that all standard journeys can be completed comfortably with the BMW i3, with recharging necessary only every three to four days. Top speed fully electric in km/h is 150.

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